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  • Performance characteristics and technical parameters of middle wire cutting series machine tools

    Performance characteristics and technical parameters of high-speed wire-cutting series machine tools: with multiple cutting and intelligent non-stripe covering function Cutting parameters are automatically adjusted. Numerical control system: using intelligent numerical control system; high-quality PC, HF wire cutting system control. High-frequency power supply: high-performance digital oscillator with high-performance main digital oscillator
    Release time: 2018-08-17 Clicks: 79
  • Trouble shooting when the middle wire cutting carriage moves

    There are many reasons for the beating of the mid-wire wire cutting carriage when moving: The stepping motor of the mid-wire wire cutting machine tool is mostly five-phase ten-beat or three-phase six-beat system, that is, the phase is sequentially attracted according to a specific phase sequence to achieve the step purpose. Phase loss or phase sequence error will make the motor lose step
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 224
  • How to determine the machining allowance of a wire-cut workpiece

    How to determine the machining allowance of a part when designing an EDM machining process? There are three methods for determining the EDM machining allowance. (1) EDM wire table lookup table correction method According to production practice and experimental research,
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 148
  • Understand the performance indicators of wire-cut molybdenum wire for selection

    Modern wire cutting power supplies have strict requirements on electrode wires. It must be able to withstand large cutting currents with peaks in excess of 700 amps or averages in excess of 45 amps, and the transmission of energy must be very effective in order to provide the high-frequency pulse current required to achieve high surface finish (above 0.2Ra). This depends on the resistance or conductivity of the electrode wire. Copper is the most conductive
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 133
  • Precautions for using EDM in winter

    The precautions for the use of EDM machine tools in winter are due to the low temperature of EDM machine tools in winter. There should be a few points worth using during the use of the EDM machine tools compared to normal temperature. Set the "voltage adjustment" knob 2 "Pulse amplitude" switch on 1 + 2 + 2, "Pulse width
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 116
  • Main features of wire cutting high-speed high-frequency power control cabinet

    The power supply breaks the traditional power supply design mode and adopts highly integrated FPGA circuit control to make its frequency and stability; its pulse generation, parameter display, and shaping circuit all use dedicated digital circuits; the pulse width can be 2 microseconds to 99 microseconds , Rectangular pulses and group pulses with an interval of 3 to 15 times (the minimum pulse width of the group pulse is 8 microseconds); the power amplifier uses a dedicated large power
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 175
  • Wire cutting control cabinet features

    Digital adjustment of parameters, intuitive, accurate and convenient. Processing current gradient increase, parameter adjustment and waveform adaptive adjustment function. With the middle wire control card, multiple cutting (middle wire) functions can be realized.
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 109
  • Development of domestic wire cutting machine tools

    Wire cutting machine tools originated in the early 1970s. Before the implementation of the market economy, the development of wire cutting machine tools was relatively slow, mainly because China's electronics industry was relatively backward at that time.
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 105
  • Introduction to Wire Cutting Machine

    In the middle of the 20th century, when the Lazarinkos of the Soviet Union studied the phenomenon and causes of corrosion damage of switch contacts by spark discharge, they discovered that the instantaneous high temperature of electric sparks could cause local metals to melt, oxidize and be corroded, thereby creating and inventing electricity Spark machining methods, wire-cut electric discharge machines were also invented in the Soviet Union in 1960. At the time, I looked at the outline with a projector
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 105
  • Application of Wire-cut Wire Cutting Machine Tool

    1. Widely used in processing various dies. 2. 2. It can process fine shaped holes, narrow slits and complex shapes. Machining templates and forming tools. 4. 4. Processing powder metallurgy mold, inserting cavity mold, wire drawing mold, corrugated plate forming mold. Processing hard materials, cutting flakes, cutting precious metal materials. 6. Machining cams, special gears
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 112
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