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Reasons for the slower perforation speed of EDM perforator

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Reasons for the slower perforation speed of EDM perforator

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电火花穿孔机 出现这种情况大部分是水压不足造成的,首先要检查一下水泵上的压力表,看一下是否正常,其次检查一下旋转头是否漏水,或者电极有没有堵住。 Generally, this situation of EDM punching machine is caused by insufficient water pressure. First, check the pressure gauge on the water pump to see if it is normal, and then check whether the rotating head is leaking or the electrode is blocked. If all the above conditions are good, it is necessary to check whether the selection of the pulse parameters is correct? Is the current parameter selected correctly? Whether the servo adjustment is in place. Generally, the average voltage during discharge is about 25V (depending on the size of the material and the electrode). It is also possible that the EDM puncher has a short-circuit protection function. If this function is always effective In this case, the current cannot be generated, and the processing speed is slow. For more questions, you can call for consultation, or you can directly cancel this function (jump off the feet of a certain integrated block).

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