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Wire cutting taper machining

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Wire cutting taper machining

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If the position of the threading hole is found to be off, it will deviate from the coordinate position in the program. The processing method is to move the XY axis and thread the molybdenum wire into the threading hole to ensure that there is no short circuit (the voltmeter indicates 5V). Without terminating the current processing program, use "manual processing" to the current hole threading point of the program. At the coordinates, close the "Manual Processing" window, move the machine tool's X or Y axis, and the movement amount is greater than 0.001mm. Then click the pause point in the EDM interface, and press the green processing button on the manual control box to start processing.

锥度加工的相关问题 Relevant Issues of Taper Machining in Wire Feeding

The influence of the change of the tangent point of the guide wheel on the processing size leads to a trapezoidal error. To reduce this error, you can rotate the figure by 45 °, and the X and Y axes are linked. This error can be greatly reduced. One method is to add a transition circle at the corner if the workpiece allows it.

An overcut is formed due to the existence of a small transition circle. When cutting, an "overcut or arc radius is too large" alarm appears-you can manually reduce the taper cutting parameter of "workpiece thickness".

After cutting some taper parts, one end was cut and injured ----- "tapping length" should be changed to be greater than or equal to the length of the cutting line during taper programming.

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