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Features of EDM puncher

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Features of EDM puncher

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电火花穿孔机 采用高频振动和微细电火花复合加工技术,在提高效率的同时还提高了孔的内壁表面质量和孔径的一致性,是国内外产品化微细电火花加工机床的首创。 Gasoline nozzle and diesel nozzle numerically controlled micro-hole machining EDM punching machine adopts high-frequency vibration and micro-EDM composite machining technology, which improves the efficiency while also improving the consistency of the surface quality of the inner wall surface and the aperture. The first EDM machine.

   加工采用钨丝作为电极,采用独特的进、退丝机构,实现加工中电极的伺服进给及损耗补偿。 The CNC punching machine uses tungsten wire as the electrode and adopts a unique feed and withdrawal mechanism to realize the servo feed and loss compensation of the electrode during processing. After the setting is selected, the electrode wire can be automatically trimmed during the processing to improve the roundness and consistency of the hole.

     能加工孔径Φ0.3~Φ6.0mm,最大深径比能达300:1以上。 The perforating function can process a diameter of Φ0.3 ~ Φ6.0mm, and the maximum depth-diameter ratio can reach 300: 1 or more.
The processing speed can reach 40 ~ 60mm per minute, the servo stroke is 300, can use ultra-long electrode tube, and save 15% of the electrode tube.
Can process stainless steel, hardened steel, hard alloy, copper, aluminum and other conductive materials
Can penetrate directly from bevels and curved surfaces
Servo lift adopts linear ball guide, electric lift to ensure the processing accuracy and speed of the product
The spindle adopts dual-speed control mode, which makes the retraction speed twice as fast as the processing speed, and closely tracks during processing to achieve efficient and stable processing of fine electrodes.
The bed has a pump pressure observation window, which makes it easier and simpler to observe and adjust the pump pressure
X and Y axes of the table are equipped with grating digital display for precise operation

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