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The function, characteristics and maintenance of punching machine

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The function, characteristics and maintenance of punching machine

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也叫 电火花穿孔机 打孔机 小孔机 细孔放电机 ,其工作原理是利用连续上下垂直运动动的细金属铜管(称为电极丝)作电极,对工件进行脉冲火花放电蚀除金属成型。 Punching machine is also called electric spark punching machine , punching machine , small hole machine , and fine hole discharge machine . Its working principle is to use a fine metal copper tube (called electrode wire) that moves continuously up and down as an electrode to pulse the workpiece Spark discharge erodes metal forming.

Function: Unlike EDM machine tools and forming machines, the electrode of its electric pulse is a hollow copper rod, and the medium passes through the narrow hole in the middle of the copper rod hole to play the role of cooling and chip removal. The discharge between the electrode and the metal generates high-temperature corrosion metal to achieve the purpose of perforation. It is used to process the pores of super-hard steel, cemented carbide, copper, aluminum and any conductive material. The smallest hole that can be processed is 0.015mm, and small holes with taper can also be processed. It is widely used in precision mold processing. It is generally used as a supporting device for EDM machine tools. Silk holes, chemical fiber spinnerets, etc.

Features: 1: Suitable for processing various conductive materials such as stainless steel, hardened steel, hard alloy, copper, aluminum, etc.

2: Machining aperture ∮0.3-∮3.0mm, the maximum depth-diameter ratio can reach 200: 1 or more.

3: The processing speed can reach a maximum of 20-60mm per minute.

4: Directly from taps and curved surfaces, tap water is used as the working fluid.

5: The table X, Y, Z axes are equipped with digital display devices.

6: With electrode trimming function.

7: Spindle lifting has fast up and down function.

8: It has the function of adjustable processing voltage.

9: With side positioning function.

Maintenance and maintenance: In addition to the maintenance of the EDM punching machine, the water and workpiece residues on the working surface of the punching machine should be cleaned up after each use. It is also necessary to often clean the dust inside the electrical box, such as the dust on the power resistor, the dust on the discharge bridge stack, especially the dust on the printed circuit board, which will help the heat dissipation effect of the electrical components. If the dust on the printed circuit board is not removed, it will easily absorb moisture and corrosive things in the air over a long period of time, and the original small conductive copper skin will be corroded, causing machine failure.

Maintenance of electric spark piercing machine pump. The piercing machine pump is operated at a working pressure of 7Mpa. The crankshaft inside is under a very large pressure. If the lubricant is not replaced immediately after a period of work, it will cause serious problems. as a result of. This one is easily ignored by many users of punchers, and we should pay attention to it. Because the water pump is a very important part in the EDM punching machine, if this part goes wrong, it will affect the use of the entire machine tool.

The punching machine is roughly divided into two types according to the different media. One is a liquid punching machine. Since the liquid processing must pass through the small holes of the copper rod, it may block the small holes of the copper rod, so it can process a minimum of 0.15mm! The depth can only be processed by 20mm. It is commonly used. The other is a gas perforator. The medium that passes through the small holes of the copper rod is gas, so it is not easy to be blocked and can process more precise small holes.

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