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Perforator market share rises against the trend

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Perforator market share rises against the trend

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The perforation speed of the machine is related to the compactness of the subgrade soil. The raw materials used in this piercing system are billet rolled or continuous cast slabs and polygonal steel ingots. When the p ram equivalent power is less than the rated power of the motor pe = 3,800 kw, the main drive motor calibration process meets the steel rolling process requirements. On the other hand, in the feeding process, the material must be lifted first, and then the material can be fed. Therefore, a lifting mechanism is also needed, so the lifting force needs to be calculated. Century, the global economy will continue to increase, and the demand for steel pipes will also continue to increase. At present, there is still a trend of continued introduction. The main reason is that there is an inevitable gap between the level of seamless production technology in China and the level of foreign advanced generations. The power and torque characteristics shown in Figure 3; the exceptionally high base load should have a high magnetic load to ensure the output of power and torque shown in Figure 3 at high speed and field weakening.
Pneumatic punching machine requires soil compactness ≤ 70. General process flow of seamless steel pipe production (automatic tube rolling unit). In order to meet this requirement, the feeding is realized by a ratchet mechanism. The value of x 〃 d not only determines the dynamic response speed of the motor, but also the short-circuit rotation of the motor. The short-circuit torque of the motor is even bigger, and the shaft is thicker. Capillary transverse wall thickness unevenness is mainly due to the following situations: a. The first chapter of the master's degree dissertation of Northeast China has a quality difference between oblique rolling perforation and machining. Really check whether the size and profile quality of the tool and die are suitable for rolling. The adjustment of the required parameters is consistent with the set values of the rolling table.
The perforator requires that the subgrade contains soil ≥70% for construction. The oblique rolling perforation is to form the inner hole network by plastic deformation of metal without metal loss. b Under the condition that the quality of the guide plate is fine and the rolling is normal, the guide plate must be changed for a maximum of 8,000 rolling passes.
According to experience: 90% of the railway subgrades in East China, Central China, Northeast China and Northwest China can be constructed with pneumatic perforators. The guide die must be equipped with guides on the side during the moving process. Guided guides are mainly used to ensure the accuracy of the positions of the die and the die. d. The knurling on the working surface of the roll and the geometrical dimensions, shape and position of the roll, official service, processing accuracy, general finish, etc. should be determined before the roll drawing technology is appropriate. The ultimate goal of the electrical parameter adjustment is to achieve the predetermined processing size, rough requirements of the profile, and achieve higher processing efficiency. Reasonable selection of motor and electrical box design. 0 Production matters and points. In this perforated system, the capillary tube pierced by the billet has a short deformation and a small elongation factor is generally not so large. The pair of rolls are driven by the motor to reversely twist, that is, the purpose of the two rolls is to reverse the target. The rolls bite the tube into the hole pattern of the roll and the punch head fixed in the hole pattern punches the center of the tube. Round hole. According to the speed scale of the motor 300 ~ 450/750 r / min, the formula for calculating the number of poles, frequency and speed of the motor is as follows: n = 60 f / p () where n is the speed and the maximum is 750 r / min; f It is frequency. Generally, the medium voltage frequency conversion is 8 ~ 75 hz (such as the assembly of abb acs 6000); p is the number of pole pairs, which is better if it is smaller. Generally, it is pole pairs and 3 pairs. .

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