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Moisture-proof measures of foam line cutting machine

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Moisture-proof measures of foam line cutting machine

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The electrical cabinet should be sealed as much as possible. Moisture-absorbing and dust-proof sponges should be installed at the heat dissipation holes. Customers are required to replace the sponges regularly; spraying, dipping, potting and other processes are used to waterproof important components. Use moisture-proof protective agents for electrical equipment; use electronic components and structural materials with low hygroscopicity;

Apply acrylic film protective agent or silicone resin film protective agent to the surface of electronic circuit board to avoid the intrusion of moisture; for the equipment that is not used frequently, an appropriate amount of desiccant should be placed in the electrical cabinet, and then covered with a protective cover . In wet conditions (such as the rainy season), shorten the replacement period of the desiccant inside the electrical equipment, and use a reusable color-changing silica gel desiccant. One can change color after suggestion of moisture absorption; two can be recycled and heated and air-dried and reused , Reduce costs; clean and arrange the electrical cabinets in each workshop to ensure the cleanliness of the electrical cabinets; periodically replace some parts of electrical equipment according to the actual production, especially the aging and hardened lines in the electrical cabinets or motor lines.

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