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The correct use of mold cleaning agent

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The correct use of mold cleaning agent

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Water-based metal cleaning agents use surfactant as the main component, water as the solvent, and metal hard surfaces as the detergent for cleaning. Water-based metal cleaning is a compound of surfactants and various additives. The surfactant content is 10% to 40%, and the compound of nonionic surfactant and anionic surfactant is commonly used. Commonly used auxiliary builders (sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium silicate, sodium carbonate, sodium ethylenediamine tetraacetate, sodium hypoaminotriacetate, etc.), corrosion inhibitors, stabilizers, solubilizers and foam stabilizers. Commonly used are alkyl alcohol amide products such as coconut oleic acid diethanolamide, alkyl alcohol amide phosphate ester 6503, and the like. In addition to stabilizing the foam, it can also increase viscosity and improve detergency. In addition, it also contains defoamers (such as silicone oil, ethanol), fillers, flavors, colorants, and so on.

Some customers may misuse the mold surface after cleaning. The analysis has the following possibilities:
1. Excessive immersion may cause the product to become discolored (darkened), or a purified film (gray) may be produced (Generally 1-3 minutes in summer and 3-5 minutes in winter)
2. The workpieces taken out after being soaked and washed in the cleaning solution are not immediately rinsed with water, but are left for a period of time. At this time, the damage caused is the greatest, because the moisture on the workpieces is immediately dried after removal, and the Substances cannot be volatilized, that is, the concentration increases quickly, causing discoloration over time.
3. The workpieces cleaned in the cleaning solution are not thoroughly cleaned with water, resulting in the residual of acidic substances on the workpieces, and discoloration occurs over a long period of time.
To solve the problem of 2-3, just wash the cleaned workpiece and rinse it with clean water immediately after taking out. It is better to wash with 40-60 ° warm water to make it easier for acidic materials to remain. (This is emphasized in the company's product manual) and immediately blow dry or wipe dry to prevent moisture and secondary oxidation.

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