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Main features of wire cutting high-speed high-frequency power control cabinet

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Main features of wire cutting high-speed high-frequency power control cabinet

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The power supply breaks the traditional power supply design mode and adopts highly integrated FPGA circuit control to make its frequency and stability; its pulse generation, parameter display, and shaping circuit all use dedicated digital circuits; the pulse width can be 2 microseconds to 99 microseconds , Rectangular pulses and grouping pulses with an interval of 3 to 15 times (the minimum pulse width of the grouping pulse is 8 microseconds); the power amplifier uses a dedicated high-power tube, which can provide a maximum cutting current of 6.5A, providing reliable for high-quality cutting and high-speed cutting Guarantee; This power supply is specially designed with pulse parameter on-line switching function, which can perfectly cooperate with medium wire cutting machine tools for multiple cutting processes, and at the same time, it increases the initial current slowly increasing and parameter adjustment function to automatically perform during commutation, so that the overall performance More superior, and ensure that the power supply can run stably for a long time.

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