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Precautions for using EDM in winter

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Precautions for using EDM in winter

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线切割 机床在冬季的使用注意事项提示电火花线切割机机床在冬季由于气温较低,使用过程中应该有几点比起在常温状态下值得注意的地方.置"电压调整"旋钮2档"脉冲幅度"开关接通1+2+2,"脉宽选择"旋钮3档,"间隔微调"旋钮中间位置,用较粗导线短路高频输出端(上线臂前端靠上导轮的一块钨钢是高频输出负极,工作台上沿是高频输出正极)开高频电源,开丝筒电机,开控制器高频控制开关,此时高频电源电流表指示约为2.8A. The precautions for the use of EDM machine tools in winter are due to the low temperature of EDM machine tools in winter. There should be a few points worth using during the use of the EDM machine tools compared to normal temperature. Set the "voltage adjustment" knob 2 The "pulse amplitude" switch is turned on 1 + 2 + 2, the "pulse width selection" knob is 3 positions, the "interval fine adjustment" knob is in the middle position, and the high-frequency output terminal is shorted with a thicker wire (the front end of the upper arm is near the upper guide wheel Tungsten steel is the high-frequency output negative electrode, and the upper edge of the table is the high-frequency output positive electrode.) Turn on the high-frequency power, open the drum motor, and turn on the controller's high-frequency control switch.

1. Regular lubrication: it can be carried out according to the lubrication table of the machine tool;

2. Regular replacement: Refer to the section for the replacement method. The main wearing parts are the guide wheel and bearing.

Tips for EDM Wire Lubrication:

Lubrication area Lubrication method Oil refueling period

1 Coordinate table 1) Oil should be regularly added to each guide rail, precision rod nut, and each bearing

2) Grease gun HJ-30 mechanical oil (GB-448-64) at each level of gears and rolling bearings of X, Y carriage reduction boxes once a week

2 Wire transport machinery 1) Lubrication at the guide wheel and sliding bearing

2) Lubricate the screw nut

3) Refueling manual oil pump at each rolling bearing, oil gun HJ-30 mechanical oil (GB-448-64) once per shift

3 Wire frame machinery 1) Lubrication at the roller bearing of the guide wheel

2) Lubrication at U and V carriage guides

3) Lubrication at U and V shaft bearings

4) Lubrication at U and V shaft screws

5) Lubrication at the gears of the grade wire rack

6) The oil gun ZG-2 or No. 40 oil at the lifting screw is refilled once every shift and before and after lifting.

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