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Trouble shooting when the middle wire cutting carriage moves

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Trouble shooting when the middle wire cutting carriage moves

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There are several reasons for the jump of the middle wire cutting cutter when it is moving:

The stepping motors of wire-cutting wire-cutting machine tools are mostly five-phase ten-beat or three-phase six-beat systems, that is, the phase is sequentially attracted according to a specific phase sequence to achieve stepping. Phase loss or phase sequence error will cause the motor to lose step or step in place.

The biggest difference between the two is that the lack of phase will cause the entire motor to lose its phase-locking force without the working phase when the phase is attracted, that is, the hand can rotate the motor. And the phase sequence error will lead to advance two retreat or advance three retreat two, stay in place. The EDM machine tool that has been working normally will not make phase sequence errors midway. If there is an abnormal situation of XY axis idling and skipping, the usual fault is phase loss.

Related to the lack of phase in wire cutting:

1. Feeding signal from mid-wire wire cutting single board machine,

2. 24V power provided by the driver,

3. Power output of motor driven tube,

4. Current-limiting of power consumption resistor and protection of bypass peak-cut two-plate tube,

5. The cable and plug transmit the drive current to the motor,

6. Motor windings and leads. The lack of phase will not leave these six reasons. Therefore, first observe and then start, the working state of the power-driven triode will be clearly displayed on the light-emitting diode. When the driving triode is intact and the display is still in the phase loss state, look for the connectors at both ends of the online cable, the load capacity of the 24V power supply, and the on-off of the power consumption resistor.

In two cases, please contact the wire cutting sales manufacturer before repairing:

1. The feed signal from the single board is indeed out of phase.

2. The internal wire-cutting stepping motor is broken internally. If the driving transistor fails, there should be two cases. One is that the light-emitting diode is off, it should be suspected that the driving tube is open, and the other is that the light-emitting diode is not off. The transistor has been short-circuited. When replacing the drive tube, care must be taken to ensure that there is a large area of stable contact between the shell and the heat sink. The bonding surface is coated with thermal grease to prevent the die temperature from being effectively radiated and burned again.

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