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  • Performance characteristics and technical parameters of middle wire-cutting series machine tools

    Performance characteristics and technical parameters of mid-wire wire cutting series machine tools: high performance: with multiple cuts and intelligent non-stripe coverage. Cutting parameters are automatically adjusted. Numerical control system: using intelligent numerical control system; high-quality PC, HF wire cutting system control. High-frequency power: High-performance digital oscillation with high-performance main digital oscillation circuit, high-speed digital oscillation, high-power VMOS field effect
    Release time: 2018-08-17 Hits: 84
  • Moisture-proof measures of foam line cutting machine

    The electrical cabinet should be sealed as much as possible. Moisture-absorbing and dust-proof sponges should be installed at the heat dissipation holes. Customers are required to replace the sponges regularly; spraying, dipping, potting and other processes are used to waterproof important components. Use moisture-proof protective agents for electrical equipment; use electronic components and structural materials with low hygroscopicity; invade the surface of electronic circuit boards with acrylic film protective agents or silicone resin film protective agents,
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 109
  • Why line machines are now an indispensable assistant

    Various machines are now used in various industries, and each industry is assisted by machines. The appearance of the line machine facilitates the cutting of materials. With the help of this machine, materials that were not easy to cut can be cut smoothly. Today this machine has provided considerable convenience for everyone to work, and is also used by more people. This also illustrates this ep
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 110
  • Perforator market share rises against the trend

    The perforation speed of the machine is related to the compactness of the subgrade soil. The raw materials used in this piercing system are billet rolled or continuous cast slabs and polygonal steel ingots. When the pram equivalent power is less than the rated power of the motor pe = 3800k
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 110
  • Production and market status of wire cutting machine tools in China

    After the implementation of the market economy in China, many wire cutting machine tool factories have emerged across the country, so disordered competition has appeared in the wire cutting market. Disordered competition has evolved into price competition. In order to reduce costs, some companies with poor technical strength have reduced production Standards, plus relevant national technical supervision agencies
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 109
  • The function, characteristics and maintenance of punching machine

    Punching machine is also called electric spark punching machine, punching machine, small hole machine, and fine hole discharge machine. Its working principle is to use a fine metal copper tube (called electrode wire) that moves continuously up and down as an electrode to pulse the workpiece. Spark discharge erodes metal forming.
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 141
  • Features of EDM puncher

    Gasoline nozzle and diesel nozzle numerically controlled micro-hole machining EDM punching machine adopts high-frequency vibration and micro-EDM composite machining technology, which improves the efficiency while also improving the consistency of the surface quality of the inner wall surface and the diameter of the hole. The first EDM machine. CNC wear
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 118
  • Wire cutting taper machining

    If the position of the threading hole is found to be off, it will deviate from the coordinate position in the program. The processing method is to move the XY axis and thread the molybdenum wire into the threading hole to ensure that there is no short circuit (the voltmeter indicates 5V). Without terminating the current processing program, use "manual processing" to the current hole threading point of the program At the coordinates, close the “Manual Machining” window, move the X or Y axis of the machine,
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 126
  • Discussion on the development direction of multiple wire cutting wire cutting technology

    At present, the multiple-cutting technology of domestically produced wire-cutting wire-cutting machine tools has made considerable progress, and the significant improvement in processing quality has attracted the attention of many mold manufacturers and users. Although the surface finish of the workpiece has been improved after multiple cuts by the wire-cut wire cutting machine, the cutting accuracy of this type of wire cutting machine
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 47
  • Composition of middle wire cutting machine

    1. Machine body: bed, wire rack, wire walking mechanism, X-Y CNC table 2. Working fluid system High-frequency power supply: Generate high-frequency rectangular pulses. The amplitude and pulse width of the pulse signal can be adjusted according to different working conditions. & nbs
    Release time: 2016-05-11 Clicks: 58
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