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Three advantages of choosing Pulichen

Leading Enterprises in China's Machinery Industry



High-tech, high-tech, high-configuration

CNC numerical control LED lamp presses are favored by customers at home and abroad. They are widely used in domestic lamp cup manufacturers and exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and South America.



Strong R & D team

In the spirit of "quality first, credit first", with the "enterprising spirit, pioneering and innovative" enterprise spirit, to provide users with more products and services.



A good after-sales service

Responsible for equipment commissioning, training, free warranty within 1 year after equipment acceptance.



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  • Reasons for the slower perforation speed of EDM perforator
    Reasons for the slow speed of EDM punching machine Generally, this situation of EDM punching machine is mostly caused by insufficient water pressure. First of all, check the pressure gauge on the water pump ...
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D703系列高速穿孔机床的研发、生产和销售;以及代理电火花成型机、 快走丝线切割 雕铣(刻)机、加工中心等产品。 Suzhou Pulichen CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Wujiang District, Suzhou City. It is a high-tech innovative enterprise with independent R & D and production capabilities. It is a supplier of equipment and technology for the machining and mold manufacturing industry, focusing on the full range of DK77 EDM. R & D, production and sales of wire cutting machine tools, wire-cutting wire-cutting machine tools , wire- feeding electric cabinets , D703 series high-speed punching machines; and agents for EDM, wire-cutting , wire-cutting , engraving (engraving) machines, machining centers .

We have a complete quality assurance system and a pre-sales and after-sales service system. 电气与环保指令为标准进行设计、制造与测试,并以其独有的高稳定性、高效率、高精度和完善的售后服务体系与零配件配送服务在市场占有优势。 The mid-wire wire cutting machine tools produced by the company are designed, manufactured and tested with CE machinery, high-speed punchers , high electrical and environmental protection directives, and with their unique high stability, high efficiency, high precision and perfection. The after-sales service system and spare parts distribution services have an advantage in the market. At the same time, we also provide customers with non-standard equipment design, manufacturing and services ...

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